The "Why I am for Bernadette" multimedia project is an opportunity for you to express, through video, photo, or written word why you are voting for Bernadette as your state senator this November. You can make a creative and persuasive contribution to the campaign by sharing your "Why I am for Bernadette" submission to your own social media accounts, and we'll amplify select submissions by reposting them on the official campaign account.

We are particularly interested in volunteers to "go first" and get the ball rolling on this project.


  1. Take some time to consider to the question — "Why am I for Bernadette?".
  2. If you are recording a video of yourself, make sure you are in a well-lit room or outdoors with minimal background noise. Aim to keep it under 2 minutes. If you are writing your submission, try and keep it under 4 paragraphs.  
  3. Be authentic! Don't think about reasons that you think might be persuasive to others. Think about the reasons that are persuasive to you. Other people respond well when you share from your heart, rather then you tell them what they believe.
  4. Be positive! For every one negative thing you might want to say about the opposition, say at least one or two positive things about Bernadette.
  5. Post your submission on your own personal social media with privacy settings set to "Public". Use the hashtag #WhyIAmFor, followed by another tag of the official Bernadette Hansen for State Senate campaign account for the social media platform(s) you are posting on. (Facebook: @Bernadette Hansen for State Senate, Twitter: @Bernadette4OR, Instagram: @Hansen4Senate). Note that if you are not active on social media or don't want to post publicly, you can reach out to the campaign staff for directions about how to send your submission.
  6. Submissions that we think will be persuasive to our target audience will be shared on the official campaign accounts.
  7. Sharing your opinion can be intimidating! If you want coaching on developing your submission, reach out to campaign staff for advice and we'll guide you through the process.