Brian Boquist has not been out on the campaign trail building relationships with you, the voters. If he doesn't feel accountable to Oregonians, who is he accountable to instead? We checked his PAC's recent financial history (available on the Secretary of State website) and saw a number of troublesome out-of-state corporate contributions. Here's some of what we found:


  • A cement company based in Kansas that has a manufacturing plant on the Oregon-Idaho border. Traditional cement contributes 8% of carbon dioxide emissions – so no wonder Boquist is opposed to climate-friendly legislation! There are entrepreneurs and researchers based in Oregon leading the charge to make cement manufacturing more eco-friendly, but Boquist and his allies in traditional cement manufacturing refuse to level the playing field for these small Oregon businesses.
  • An international tobacco company based in Europe with a subsidiary in North Carolina. Oregon has been a leader in reducing cigarette use, with usage rates below the national average. We were one of the early states to adopt a minimum age of 21 before the federal government followed Oregon's lead a couple of years later. But can Boquist be trusted to vote in favor of Oregon's public health goals?
  • A Washington DC pharmaceutical industry trade group, or "big pharma", that currently has filed a civil action against the state of Oregon for legislation that is supposed to bring transparency to drug pricing. We all want healthcare costs to be lower, and Oregonians know we have a right to know what we are paying for. However, mere months after this civil action was filed, Boquist received thousands of dollars from this big pharma trade group, part of now over $40,000 he has received from drug companies this election cycle. What has Boquist promised them in return?
Meanwhile, I am not a candidate who can be so easily bought. I am proud to have a grassroots campaign funded by real Oregonians who have our shared priorities at heart. But in the final weeks of the election, we need every dollar to turn out the vote and reach persuadable voters with our message. Take a moment and consider what you are able to give to the final push: