This election, every vote matters. For Oregonians in Senate District 12, here is how you can make sure your voice is heard in November.


#1 - Confirm Voter Registration

Oregon's deadline for voter registration was October 13th, but you still can check / update your voter registration status here.


#2 - Sign up for ballot tracking (Optional)

While Oregon has a relatively secure election system, it is still good to know where your ballot is just in case something does goes wrong. Most Senate District 12 voters should be eligible for ballot tracking at this website or through the Secretary of State — contact your county clerk's office if you are having trouble getting ballot tracking to work.


#3 - Educate yourself

In addition to the Voter's Pamphlet that is sent in the mail, there are plenty of resources on the internet available to learn more about your options. You can find a list of Bernadette's policy statements, endorsements, and even biographical information here on the official website. With less than 20 days to go until the election, we know of no information that has been made available for the public by her opponent Brian Boquist, although there are a number of news stories written about him.

Other helpful voter guides, for our race and all races, include BallotReadyVote411, and Vote-USA


#4 - Fill out your ballot

Follow directions carefully! Depending on which county you live in, your ballot might have different instructions — such as the color of ink that is required, for example. If you need a replacement ballot for any reason (accidents happen!), contact your county clerk.


#5 - Send in your ballot as soon as possible 

For Oregonians, the normal recommended time to mail in ballots is Tuesday, October 27th (one week before Election Day). However, with the coronavirus pandemic and disruptions to the United States Postal Service, it does not hurt to try and get your ballot in as early as possible. Another option for making sure your ballot is counted is to drop it off at an official drop box — if you go this route, the official deadline is 8:00pm on November 3rd. Anticipate there being a line and don't wait until the last minute: ballots dropped off even one second late cannot be counted!



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