Our state continues to face real challenges. As your senator, these are my plans for tackling the critical issues facing Oregon.



Everyone deserves a place to call home. Oregon has an estimated 13,953 individuals experiencing homelessness: 1,083 are family households, 1,251 are veterans, 1,462 are unaccompanied young adults and 3,387 are individuals experiencing chronic homelessness. Solving this complex issue will require us to prioritize and provide mental health support and social services, as well as emergency supports like shelter, food, and day programs. Read more about my plan to secure affordable and accessible housing here.



Secure Housing

Housing instability and homelessness are linked to other issues facing families and children across the state—success in school and in employment, the ability to afford basic necessities (including food, transportation, and day care), and physical and mental health. Solutions to inadequate housing supply and rising rents must be approached collaboratively by the public, private, non-profit and philanthropic sectors. By solving the housing crisis, we can unlock the potential of tens of thousands of Oregonians, guaranteeing a stronger economy and healthier people. Read more about my plan to secure affordable and accessible housing here.



Income Inequality

Income inequality is the issue that defines this generation. We need to build an economy that creates good-paying jobs and that works for everybody. We can do this by raising the minimum wage, providing for earned sick time, by better aligning education with workforce needs and incentivizing local businesses to invest in and employ the people of Polk County, Benton County, Yamhill County, and the other residents of District 12. Read more about my plan to create better jobs here.



Other Issues

As your state senator, I plan to address the triple crises of homelessness, housing insecurity, and income inequality. However, I understand that as state senator I will be expected to work with my colleagues (regardless of party) to draft and vote on legislation pertaining to a wide variety of topics. See my position on issues as varied as climate change and legislative walkouts here.



Your Turn

I commit to be a senator who truly listens to my constituents and fights for their concerns. Please be encouraged to tell me more about what matters to you, and know that I am paying attention to you.

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