As your state senator, I plan to address the triple crises of homelessness, housing insecurity, and income inequality. Unlike my opponent Brian Boquist, I will participate in public forums and not threaten the lives of public servants. However, I understand that as state senator I will be expected to work with my colleagues (regardless of party) to draft and vote on legislation pertaining to a wide variety of topics. Below are some of my stances on issues that are important to the voters of District 12.

Creating Better Jobs Securing Affordable & Equitable Housing Rural Healthcare & COVID-19 Response


Queridos vecinos Climate Action Protecting Oregon's Seniors from COVID-19


Redistricting for Better Representation Legislative Walkouts Expanding Rural Broadband Access



Looking for more? If an issue that is important to you is not featured above, be sure to fill out my Issues Survey to let me know so that I can prioritize making sure you have the information you need before you mail in your ballot.