A map of Oregon's (non-Metro Area) Senate Districts with District 12 highlighted

What is District 12?

In accordance with the Oregon Constitution (Article IV, §2 & 6), the State Senate represents thirty districts whose boundaries are regularly redrawn soon after the United States Census is completed, each district representing approximately 125,000 residents.


Alpine (Benton County) Market & Fire Station


Alsea (Benton County) Mercantile


Marionberry Harvest near Amity (Yamhill County)


Bellfountain (Benton County)


Blodgett (Benton County) Country Store

Camp Adair

EE Wilson Angling Pond at Camp Adair


Carlton (Yamhill County) Farmer's Cooperative, 1939


Polk County Courthouse in Dallas


Courthouse Square Park in Dayton (Yamhill County)


Hillsboro High School Marching Band (Washington County)


Red Clover Harverst near Jefferson (Marion County)


Marion Market

Marys Peak

Marys Peak – Highest Point in the Coast Range (4,101 ft.)


Wings & Waves Waterpark in McMinnville (Yamhill County)


Monroe (Benton County), the midway point between UO & OSU


Rickreall Grange (Polk County)

Ritner Creek Bridge

Historic Ritner Creek Bridge (between Kings Valley and Pedee)


Willamina (Yamhill County) Timber Tour

The current boundaries of State Senate District 12 are rooted in the 2003 redistricting, which created a unique political unit out of the citizens of the western Willamette Valley. District 12 stretches from the rural town of Monroe on the south end to the Chehalem Mountains and a sliver of Hillsboro on the north end. McMinnville and Dallas are the largest incorporated areas within the district, but like Bernadette herself most district residents live outside of city limits in the rural landscapes of Polk, Benton, Yamhill, Marion and Washington counties.

The residents of State Senate District 12 belong to many different communities, each with their own local concerns and topics of debate. Many of these voters regularly drive past each other on the rural portions of Highway 99W, perhaps not aware that together they share a voice in the Oregon Senate. Among these people, some work as hazelnut farmers or in the wine industry or in timber production, others are firefighters or teachers or nurses, some are grandparents hoping for the best for their grandchildren, while others are wishing just to finally catch a break in a hard life. Together, their collective wisdom will help guide Oregon to a better future; and, it goes without saying, the people of District 12 need a senator who will be available to listen to each of them and stand up for their interests.


How do I know if I live in District 12?

If you don't have your Voter Notification Card handy, there are a couple of online ways to know whether or not you are a District 12 resident. 

If you are not a resident of District 12 but still understand the importance of this campaign, you are encouraged to reach out to a friend or family member who does live in a District 12 and let them know what is at stake this November. Furthermore, anyone who loves Oregon is welcome to make a financial contribution or volunteer their time to the campaign.


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