Thank you signing up to be a social media ambassador for the Bernadette Hansen for State Senate campaign. Your contribution of time and energy will be invaluable as we seek to send Bernadette to Salem this November. Right now, there are three concrete actions available for you to take as social media ambassador. You are encouraged to pick at least two of these three actions, and of course follow Bernadette on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


"Why I am for Bernadette" Multimedia Project

The "Why I am for Bernadette" multimedia project is an opportunity for you to express, through video, photo, or written word why you are voting for Bernadette as your state senator this November. You can make a creative and persuasive contribution to the campaign by sharing your "Why I am for Bernadette" submission to your own social media accounts, and we'll amplify select submissions by reposting them on the official campaign account.

Learn more about the "Why I am for Bernadette" project 


Online Community Group liaison

An online community group liaison is someone who is committed to sharing Bernadette Hansen for State Senate campaign-related content on Facebook groups and other relevant online communities. Think of it as "adopting" a Facebook group for the campaign. Furthermore, a liaison is asked to monitor these same online communities for posts that may be of interest for the Bernadette Hansen campaign team, either to re-post or respond to from the campaign’s official social media accounts.

Apply to be an Online Community Liaison


Engage Positively Pledge

Social media can often be an uncivil place where political opinions become entrenched and weaponized. But until Facebook and Twitter make some fundamental changes to their algorithm and user experience, we have to do our best to make these websites better places for doing democracy. The "Engage Positively" pledge is an opportunity for our community of supporters to hold themselves to a higher standard and reflect well on Bernadette.

Commit to the Engage Positively Pledge